Coaching Spotlght

Zhaohui Huang

Position: MAG Head Coach


Head Coach Level: Level 4 NCCP Coach in MAG

A Journey in Gymnastics Excellence

Early Years and Education:

Zhaohui Huang embarked on his illustrious journey in the realm of gymnastics, with his roots tracing back to the renowned Shanghai Normal University, where he earned his Master’s in Physical Education. His commitment to continuous learning led him to achieve a coveted NCCP Level 4 Full Certification.

Academic Contributions:

From 1984 to 1998, Huang served as an esteemed educator and coach at the College of Physical Education, Shanghai Normal University. During this period, he authored numerous impactful papers, earning recognition in the National Academic Journal Database in Philosophy and Social Sciences of China.

Path in the sport of Gymnastics:

Coach Zhaohui has been serving as the Men’s Program Head Coach since 1998. His leadership over the past decades has played a crucial role in shaping the future of gymnastics. Currently, he holds the position of Men’s Program Head Coach at Gymnastics Mississauga.

Awards and Recognitions: 

Zhaohui‘s unparalleled dedication was acknowledged with multiple accolades, including the prestigious Gymnastics Canada Coach of the Year titles in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017. His contributions were further honored with a Gymnastics Ontario Lifetime Membership, coupled with the Coach of the Year awards in 2019 and 2023 for High Performance.

Global Impact: 

Zhaohui‘s influence extends beyond borders. Invited by the Chinese Gymnastics Federation in 2015, he contributed to the Chinese National Gymnastics Coaches Education Program. His reputation as a seasoned coach led to appointments as Team Canada Coach for various international events, from the Junior Pan-Am Championships in Brazil to the 2020 Olympic Hope in Czech.

Nurturing Champions: 

A hallmark of Zhaohui‘s coaching career lies in the development of 13 Canadian National Team Members. His guidance facilitated five athletes in securing full scholarships from esteemed universities in the United States, showcasing his commitment to both athletic and academic excellence.

Medals and Achievements: 

Under Zhaohui‘s mentorship, athletes achieved remarkable milestones, winning medals in prestigious competitions such as the Pacific Rim in the USA, International Team Cup in Germany, RD761 JR. International Team Cup in the USA, and the 2020 Olympic Hope in Czech. Notable victories include the 2015 Canada Games All-round Gold and the 2023 Canada Games Team Gold.

A Legacy Unfolding: Zhaohui Huang continues to etch his legacy as a coach, educator, and influencer in the world of gymnastics. His unwavering dedication and transformative impact on athletes echo through the halls of Gymnastics Mississauga and resonate across the gymnastics community in Ontario.

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