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Trampoline, tumbling & Acro - boys and girls

We are working hard to reopen safely, stay tuned.
we can't wait to welcome you back and have fun with us.

Please let us know if you would be interested in this class being re-opened.

Trampoline – Boys & Girls 8+ years

Trampoline is a primary training device for all sports that contain acrobatic elements. It symbolizes freedom and flying. It develops spatial awareness and is considered a strong foundation for Diving, Martial Arts, Parkour and Ninja Warrior, only to mention a few.

Tumbling Boys & Girls 8+

Focuses on floor exercise! Participants will enhance their current skills and progress through a fun and dynamic environment.  The prerequisite for the Advanced group: Round-off, front and back handsprings.

Acro Gymnastics Boys & Girls 5+

A program that involves gymnastics, acrobatics combines dance & tumbling. Participants will be partnered with others in the group and learn balance and dynamic skills.

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