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The competition program of men’s artistic gymnastics consists of 6 routines: floor exercises, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and the horizontal bar.

Each year our recreational gymnasts are invited to test for positions in the competitive program. Children who show a strong aptitude for the sport are invited to join various groups depending on the age, level and competitive stream. Competitive training is an excellent foundation for athletes keen on developing overall core strength, balance and focus.

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Floor exercises are performed on a 12×12-meter mat without musical accompaniment. Men’s routines are characterized by a sequence of linked elements that simultaneously demonstrate strength, flexibility, and balance. Each exercise consists of movements that combine many elements, such as somersaults, handstands, and rotations.

Pommel Horse

The Pommel Horse is 1.15 meters high and has two handles (12-centimetre pommels) attached to the apparatus body, set 40 to 45 cm apart. The routines make use of the entire surface of the apparatus and present a succession of circular and pendulum type swings, leg circles, scissors movements, and handstands.


Hang from a structure at 2.75 meters above the ground. Ring routines should include swings and handstands to emphasize muscle strength. The program must end with an acrobatic dismount.


The Vault requires clean and powerful movements that combine height and length with one or more rotations, ending with a well-controlled landing. The level of difficulty determines the value of a vault. Marks are also awarded for the body control and the landing position.

Parallel Bars

The Parallel Bars are 1.95 meters in height and 3.50 meters in length and require a combination of swinging movements, swings, and handstands demanding strength. The gymnast must travel the entire length of the apparatus and work on the top of the bars and below them.

Horizontal Bar

The Horizontal Bar is 2.40 m. wide and 2.75 meters high. In this routine, the gymnast performs continuous and clean swinging movements and must not touch the bar with his body. He is required to demonstrate changes of grip, swinging movements both forward and backward, with releases and re-grasps of the bar. Dismounts are an essential part of the total routine and are usually acrobatic and spectacular.

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