Summer Recreational Gymnastics Classes


In this class, girls will have fun mastering basic skills while further developing balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, and spatial awareness. This program will teach the girls that hard work and self-discipline is an essential step to success.

Start them young and watch their self-confidence, focus, and ability to perform under pressure grow, as well as their skill level.
Gymnastics enhances motor and physical development and is a sport based on presenting the personal best routine, learning, and performing new elements.

In this program, girls will learn skills on all 4 events: Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor.

At Gymnastics Mississauga, your child will have structured classes and a positive learning environment.
Classes are 90-minutes.

We are offering on-going, year-round class registration for maximum flexibility.

Register at anytime you are ready to start the class, and you will automatically continue your registration monthly until you notify us to unenroll at [email protected].

Classes price are based on 4 classes per month.  They are prorated according to the number of classes each month. For closing days, please check our Schedule Page.

Enrich your child's life today.


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