Our men's artistic gymnasts train between 20-30 hours in the Provincial/National Level Program. 

Our Provincial and National Competitive Programs are designed and geared towards boys aged 9 and over. The development of the athlete’s skills and abilities are done in a positive and safe environment. 

The athletes' fitness level and ability to compete is measured through their strength, flexibility, coordination and skill development.   

Athletes will compete at 3 qualifiers, Provincial Championship (a minimum of two qualifiers must be attended) and other selected competitions such as Eastern Championship, Tour selection and National Championship based on age, level and team selection. 

Provincial athletes will train 4-5 days per week for a duration of four-five hours per session, and may compete between the levels 1-4, GCG level 5 or Elite 3/4. 

National athletes will train 4-6 days a week 5 hours per session at National Open.

Novice High performance, Junior High performance or Senior High performance. 

MOBILITY - can be from the Provincial to the National stream.