Silverthorn and Hollycrest Bus Update

Posted by: COMP on Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

Hello Competitive Parents,

We have an updated bus schedule this week for all athletes that attend Silverthorn and Hollycrest schools,

- Silverthorn has an early release day tomorrow, 
- the bus will pick up the athletes at Silverthorn at 12:15 pm and depart at 12:30 pm,
- the bus will pick up the athletes at Hollycrest at 11:50 am and depart from the school at 12:05 pm,
 - athletes will arrive a little bit earlier to gym

- Silverthorn has a PA DAY on Thursday
- Hollycrest athletes will arrive at the gym early, around 12:30

The bus will resume the regular schedule on Friday

Competitive Gymnastics Team


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