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ACRO - Acrobatic for boys & girls

ACRO - Acrobatics Boys & Girls

Acrobatic Gymnastics officially joined the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) in 1999. Practiced by men and women alike, dynamic Sports Acrobatics are among the oldest known disciplines. The discipline requires courage and stamina while demanding flexibility and skill. Exercises are accompanied by music, harmoniously in keeping with gymnasts’ choreography, body movements and musical culture.

Acrobatics Boys & Girls

Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACRO) favours body control in various positions, both on the ground and in the air. Acrobatic gymnastics is a competitive partner sport combining the strength, flexibility and technical precision of gymnastics with the grace and musicality of dance. Acrobatics is practiced as Men’s, Women’s or Mixed Pairs, as Women’s Groups (3 gymnasts) or Men’s Groups (4 gymnasts). The exercises must include a harmonious combination of choreography, collective acrobatic elements (holds, throws, catches) and individual acrobatic elements (floor acrobatic series), all in perfect synchronization. The development of the athlete’s skills and abilities is accomplished in an environment where athlete safety, health and wellness are our priority.

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