Our women's artistic gymnasts train for 6, 9, 12 and 16 hours in the Pre-Competitive Program. 

Our Pre-Competitive Programs are designed and geared towards girls aged 5-9. The development of the athlete’s skills and abilities are done in a positive and safe environment.

The athletes' fitness level and ability to compete is measured through their strength, flexibility, coordination and skill development. Athletes may compete 3-5 times a year between the Levels 1 and 4 in the Ontario Competitive Program (OCP), which is part of the Gymnastics Ontario mandate.

The athletes' age and ability will determine the level and the amount of competitions.

Athletes will train 3 x 2 hours, 3 x 4 hours, 3 x 4 hours or 4 x 4 hours per week. 

Our Pre-Competitive Program is also designed and based on the Ontario Development Program (ODP). This Program focuses on Strength flexibility and overall body positioning. There has been a new component added to the ODP program which incorporates skill development. 

MOBILITY - can be to the Provincial stream.