Recreational Gymnastics Program Supervisors




Jayme Pryer

Coaching Level: Women's Artistic 2, Trampoline 1. Jayme has been coaching for a total of 8 years.  Some of her proudest moments include completing her Artistic Women's Level 2 coaching course. Jayme enjoys watching athletes progress as she works with them throughout the term. Jayme also enjoys helping the competitive athletes.Jayme's favourite event is floor as she loves all the power and energy that comes with tumbling!


Inez de Braga

Coaching Level: Level 1 Trampoline, Level 2 Women's Artistic. Biography: Inez has been coaching at the recreational level for 5 years. It was two years ago that she took on being a competitive coach as well. Some of her proudest achievements and experiences were becoming a supervisor and getting to coach at the competitive level. Inez was a gymnast and now as a coach she hopes to instill the dedication she possessed as an athlete in her athletes as their coach.  As a gymnast Inez's favourite event was always vault and floor; the reason being that she was a very powerful individual and these events allowed her to demonstrate her full potential. As a coach, her favourite event is beam."As an athlete I always struggled with beam, so when I am able to help athletes achieve their skills on beam it makes me feel very accomplished and satisfied."


Vanessa Tesolin

Like most coaches, Vanessa started out as a CIT and once old enough, I took my level 1 and started coaching my own Recreational classes. It was only a year coaching Recreational when Vanessa was encouraged to get her level 2 coaching certification in order to coach higher level gymnastics. Her final goal was to become an NCCP level 3 Women's Artistic coach, which she also achieved not long after. Vanessa ran the Recreational program, as well as, held the Head Coach position in Thunder Bay.  During this time. she successfully took her athletes from Pre-competitive to Provincial level 8 which was quite an accomplishment .



Victoria Amaral

Coaching Level: Level 1 Trampoline, Level 2 Women’s Artistic. Victoria has been a recreational coach for almost 3 years at Gymnastics Mississauga. She loves to help athletes achieve their goals and is determined to help them succeed. Victoria’s greatest achievement was receiving the 2015 Coach of the Year Award as it displayed her handwork and dedication in coaching gymnastics. Victoria’s favourite event to coach is floor as she loves the tumbling aspect of it and feels that it’s the foundation which can be used in all other events of gymnastics.


Azaria Samaroo

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Coaching Level: Level 2 Women's Artistic.  For Azaria, Gymnastics Mississauga  feels like her second home. Azaria started off in the recreational program as a kindergym athlete, then worked her way up to the competitive program and was an athlete for 12 years. Due to her love of  gymnastics, she decided to become a recreational coach, and has been one for 3 years now.  Her greatest achievements as a coach include helping her athletes achieve their personal goals!  She enjoys watching the excitement on her athlete's face once they have accomplished a skill they have been working hard on.
Azaria's favourite events include beam and bars! "They have always been my favourite events. I love the dynamics of bars and gracefulness on beam."