Gary Isaacs       Assistant to the Head Coach MAG

Gary currently coaches for the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Program. He is a graduate of Advance Technique in Gymnastics from Seneca College where he received the student recognition award. His coaching philosophy is "Hard work pays off! The only thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals is you!" Gary is a certified coach for the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics at Level 4, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at Level 3, and Trampoline at Level 2. Gary used to work at the Oakville Gymnastics Club for a year. He used to coach as an Assistant Head Coach for the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics in Gym Mississauga from 2003 to 2014. He coached for the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at Provincial and Elite levels in Canada and Australia, and the Jr. Pan American Games in Houston, Texas. He was an instructor with Power Cheer Toronto. We are thrilled to have Gary back to the gym! 


Daniel Hernandez

Daniel strives to develop confident and technically well-prepared athletes. His strong passion for the sport motivates him to constantly learn new coaching techniques to produce better results in athletes. He is currently working towards MAG Level 3 Full Certification he also holds a BSc. in Actuarial Science.    



Martin Broadhurst

Martin began coaching in Manchester, in the North West of England, and has over 30 years coaching experience. As a National Judge, he had the honour of officiating at numerous English Championships, the Special Olympics, and the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Since he came to Canada in 2002, he has judged at the Jurassic Classic, and the Western Canada Summer Games.

As a coach, Martin accompanied the Ontario team to the Eastern Championships in 2010. He is a level 3 MAG coach.

“My main aim is to help build an even stronger Men’s Artistic Program, helping each individual and team member perform to the best of their abilities."