How to register for a Program

How To Register For A Program Online

The following instructions will guide you through step-by-step the process to register for a program online with Gymnastics Mississauga.

Returning Members

If you have registered with Gymnastics Mississauga in the NEW ONLINE SYSTEM, your account is already set up on the system. Please sign in with your email and password by clicking this link:  If you have forgotten your password you can reset the password by clicking on Forgot Password link. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password.




New Users 

If you have not previously registered with Gymnastics Mississauga you have to either call or come in person to our office to register. After your email is registered you go to the Sign In page and enter your email and password or click “Forgot Password” if you do not remember your password.  Instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to you via email.

Family Setup 

Follow the instructions below if you need to add family members to your account.

Once you have logged in successfully, click on “Profile” on the top of the page.


  Now click on “Family” on the left side of the page.


Click on “Add New Family Member”.


 Enter the family member’s details and click “Add to Family” on the bottom of the page when you are done. Make sure you indicate the relationship (i.e. Child) and indicate the correct date of birth.


Repeat the steps if you need to add additional family members.

Register for Programs

Once you have setup your family, you can begin to register them to programs online.  To get started there are several places to look to find available programs.

On the main page or dashboard, you scroll to the bottom to the Upcoming Programs section. Click View All to see all the programs available to enroll.

 You can also click “View” at the top of the page and select “Programs” for a full list of programs being offered.