“Have A Class On Me!” Program

As a Gymnastics Mississauga gym member, our desire for you is to reap some of the benefits as the gym grows. The “Have A Class On Me!” program gives you the opportunity to offer a free class to anyone who could be a prospective new student. All you need to do is write your name on the back of one of our new “Have A Class On Me!” cards, hand it to a friend, acquaintance or anyone you like, and encourage them to take a free class at Gymnastics Mississauga. If they show up and present the card you gave them, take a free class, and then enroll in a class and pay for a session, you will also receive a $10 credit towards your next session tuition! And there is no limit. For example, if you encourage 5 new customers to enroll in classes next week, you will receive a $50 credit towards your next session or camp!!! “Have A Class On Me!” cards are available at the Front Desk. Make sure you write your name on each card and just get started. If you need more cards, ask, we have plenty to give away. Thanks and good luck!