Anastasiya Torosyants

Anastasiya grew up in a gymnastics family and has devoted 13 years to the sport. A former competitive gymnast with international experience, she knows the hard work and dedication required for elite athletes but also understands the passion and care needed to nurture young gymnasts. As a fully certified NCCP level 2 Artistic and Trampoline coach, she has repeatedly guided many of our Mississauga gymnasts to the podium at provincial competitions. With her Business Administration major background, she also plays a major role in the smooth running of our Competitive Acrobatic program.

GO Award for Anastasiya:

At the recent 2015 Annual Gymnastics Award Banquet, held in October, Anastasiya received Developmental/Competitive Coach of the Year Award.  Anastasiya was recognized for her ability to develop athletes who are developing competitive skills, as well as preparing athletes for present and future competitions.  Congratulations Anastasiya! 



Xhosa Baker

Xhosa is an active national level gymnast who has won top prices in Canadian Championships. As a level two coaches, she trains our interclub team and also assist with the provincial athletes. One of her recent career highlight was teaching at the Provincial Acrobatic training camp. She enjoys helping children in improving and reaching their full potentials. Outside of gym, she likes to spend time with family and do rock climbing.