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Hello Acro Parents,


Wednesday, January 18ththere will be a Mock meet at the gym.  If your child does not attend, they can not compete. 

3pm - 5pm for Level 7+
5pm - 8pm for individual, level 5 & Level 6

Hair and make up must be done as well (see link below)

For all new parents: a mock meet is a practice competition that we run at our gym.  Your children will be judged and you will go through the events just like a real meet and get scored.  Your athletes will wear their competition suits and have their hair up and out of their face.  All athletes must attend on Wed. Jan 18th at their designated Team time.  There will be regular training on Thurs. Jan 19th for all teams that normally train that day.   

The Acro 1st Ontario Cup competition is Saturday, February 18, 2017 - Sunday, February 19, 2017 at Olympia Gymnastics.

Olympia Gymnastics
44 Iber Rd. Ottawa, ON
K2S 1E8

The schedule will be sent out at the end of January. 

The competition schedule is not available yet so we do not know when your child will be competing.  Please book a hotel room so you do not have to drive to Ottawa early morning with the unpredictable Winter weather. 

Individuals will be competing on Saturday
Level 5 & 6 will be competing on Saturday
Level 7 on Sunday
National both days. 

Where to go & what to wear!
Please have your child's hair and make up done at home if possible as there may be no space or time at the meet. 

Must arrive 1 hour prior to warm up time at competition (schedule will be sent out beginning of February)

  1. Please register your athlete when you arrive at the front.
  2. All parents must pay to be admitted.
  3. Make sure you see one of the coaches/other team mates!
  4. Have your child come onto the warm up floor when it is time for their flight.


  1. Competition suits must be worn without shorts.
  2. NO underwear is to be worn underneath suit.
  3. Bra straps must be skin colour or clear (no racer back).
  4. Track suits are to be worn at all time along with white clean socks.
  5. Athletes who are at the gym before and after their competition time should be wearing INDOOR running shoes.


Please double-check the following PDF document below on how hair and make up should look:

Please remember that the girls with different colour suits should match their make up to the suits. 

The make up in this photo is all from Shoppers Drug Mart. The total cost with tax is $25. This includes eye shadow (pink and white), liquid eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and blush. 

If you already have liquid eyeliner, mascara and blush for your athlete, that could reduce your make up expenditure. If you wish to buy better quality mascara, liquid eyeliner and blush, you may. The most expensive product in the photo is the white eye shadow as it works as a primer (creamy type shadow) as well. 

The numbers and names for the eyeshadows and lip gloss are:
Eyeshadow 1: Color Tatoo by Maybelline #05 - Too Cool
Eyeshadow 2: Covergirl #305 - Strawberry Pot
Lipgloss: Essence #15 - True Love

PLEASE NOTE: Athletes with a purple training suit (Individual routine athletes) are to do the same thing, but have purple eye shadow instead of pink!


  1. Partners hair must match.
  2. Girls must have their hair up in a bun (must use hairspray and/or gel to secure).
  3. Clips are allowed (must match hair colour). 
  4. Sock buns can be found at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Ardene's and Claire's.
  5. Please secure bun with ballet bobby pins (I have also attached a photo of those in the PDF document). 
  6. Hair net (should match hair colour)

Thank you
Anastasiya Torosyants
Acrobatics Gymnastics Coach
Gymnastics Mississauga


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